Wednesday, February 6, 2013


  • The other High School's team? The Braves.
  • The dogs? Yep.
  • While the deer you see are a different variety than the White-tailed deer of the east, and the birds are distinctly different, dead skunks appear to be universal.
  • This is just funny:
"Will you be needing any cash back today, Mr. Orwell?"
  • Note to tavernkeepers: Washing the filth off the sidewalk in front of your establishment by heaving a bucket of soapy water at it may not be the most effective strategy in, say, February, in say, South Dakota. It simply memorializes the filth like so many flies in frothy amber until the spring thaw.
  • 'Ranch'  'Farm'
  • The view from my motel room: 
Yep. That is a dumptruck. Right there.

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