Thursday, February 7, 2013

What are the chances???

I drive an hour to the airport from home, fly about four and a half hours total, drive—all told—about 350 miles to a place that is quite literally an easy hour away from anywhere, to walk in on two people having a conversation about the Target (Tar-ZHAY) and BestBuy in Pentagon City. Yep, no kidding.

When you grow up in the Washington area, it is axiomatic that 'no one is from here' and it is a region made up of transients. When you are asked where you are from, you generally say "DC" instead of Arlington or Falls Church or Bethesda or PG or whatever. But the corollary is that everywhere you go, you find people who have either lived in the DC area or have family in the area.

Mind-blowing way to start a conversation, that's fer sher.

Postscript: I almost forgot...a fan of the Frost Diner, as well. 

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